About us

Open Access Pub initiated with an aim of promoting the progress and upholding the cause of Science and Technology using the concept of Open Access with the best system ever available along with retaining its Quality" -the main element.

Call For Proposals


OAP call for Proposal of Collaboration of Journals as Open Access. 

Collaboration for starting a new Journal is absolutely free. Moving an existing Journal is free of cost. No subscription charges. The only charge incurred is the open access fee paid by the author (or his institution) whose article is “accepted”. He may be entitled to subsidy under certain special circumstances.
Independent Journals are also subjected to the same scrutiny as per the rules and regulations of OAP.
Converting to open access with OAP is of zero cost and hassle free. Neither the impact factor nor indexing of the Journal is affected by converting to open access, more over your citation value increases resulting in the boosted reputation of your Journal.
One of the best and important reason you can join us is - our backup system is effective and trustworthy.
Feel free to contact us if you are in need of any further clarifications about this proposal.
If you are interested to collaborate with us please provide us the following information along with a formal request. The request will be processed after the credentials are verified.


Along with the formal request we also need the following information:

  • Is it a Society Journal or Independent Journal?
  • Name of the Editor(s)-in-Chief, his/her complete profile information (including publication record)
  • A brief description of the Journal
  • A unique and relevant Journal Title
  • About the Journal( 100 words)
  • Scope of the Journal(with complete clarity)
  • Types of publications
  • Why is it necessary to start a new Journal on that topic? inspite of the existing Journals